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Get 5 breathtaking days with world class ultrarunners Jeff Browning & Krissy Moehl in high altitude SW Colorado. Register now to receive a limited spot, featuring access to Colorado Running Ranch and must-have pro knowledge on endurance training, nutrition science, recovery and more.

AUGUST 2-6, 2018


PATAGONIA & ULTIMATE DIRECTION Team Trail Runner, Pro Ultrarunner, Endurance Coach, UTMB & HARDROCK 100 Champion



Located in the San Juan Mountains 15 minutes FROM DOWNTOWN Durango, CO, the Colorado Running Ranch is a premiere high altitude distance running CENTER. 

at 8,000' elevation with trails out the door and EASY ACCESS UP TO 12,000', the ranch Supports groups of UP TO 26 athletes at any one time. 

Colorado Running Ranch (CRR) was founded with one purpose: to be a world class training base for distance runners seeking to develop their endurance. The science is clear. Train at altitude or risk not maximizing your running potential.

CRR is located in the San Juan Mountain range in Durango, CO a town known for its extensive national forest access, outdoor culture, and southwest cuisine. A host of world class professional endurance athletes are also based in Durango. Programs based out of CRR have access to two 400m tracks at 6,500' elevation, natural hot spring pools and a full service gym all within a 20 minute drive. Soft surface wide running locations for high tempo runs and fartlek training as well as one 400m track are available at 5,200' elevation. 

The Ranch, designed by architect and professional ultra-marathoner Marco Zuniga, reflects a deep love of the mountains, a sensibility for the importance of true rest and recovery, and a careful attention to detail for every aspect of the runner's life. 



  • This three story ranch home-base offers comfortable accommodations for 16 athletes + coaches. On-site amenities include: a freshwater cold creek for natural lower body ice-baths, a full size industrial kitchen, on-site parking for vans or buses, ample platform space for yoga sessions, as well as two entertainment areas. 
  • 3 floors
  • 6 bedrooms
  • 3.5 bathrooms w/ in-floor heating in all bathrooms
  • Mountain creek adjacent to bonfire area
  • Outdoor bonfire area w/ space for full team meetings
  • Easy access to mountain trails
  • 20 min drive from Lemon Reservoir or downtown Durango with restaurants, gym access, swimming pool, massage therapy, yoga, museums, cinema, health and beauty spa, and nightlife
  • Master bedroom for coaches + custom oversize stone shower and jacuzzi tub
  • Fully equipped modern kitchen and pantry
  • Open floor plan living and dining room with entertainment system
  • High vaulted ceiling in second floor game room with satellite tv, blu-ray player, video game console, pool table, games, and books
  • Huge covered porch with large gas BBQ grill
  • Top floor bedroom balcony
  • Washing machine and dryer
  • For larger groups, CRR facilities include an adjacent second lodge and can accommodate in total up to 26 guests across the two spaces. 
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High altitude training is scientifically proven to increase ATHLETIC performance. 


We work with runners in various ways by offering trail running camps as well as by hosting H.S. & Collegiate XC and Track teams. 

Some groups lead their own camps on our grounds with minimal guidance from us. Others work closely with us to plan a custom training camp based on their team's specific altitude training goals. We also cater to individuals' training goals.

We provide access to 250+ continuous miles of single track trail, 150+ miles of wide trail, quiet country road loops, lake loops, high desert dirt roads and 14,000ft peaks all within close proximity.



Marco Zuniga

Marco Zuniga is the Founder and Executive Director of CRR. He is a CRR coach working with both youth runners and ultra-marathoners. Marco races as as a master's athlete, recording past top master's finishes at the Speed Goat 50k and Pikes Peak Marathons.

Marco designed and custom built this three-story Colorado Running Ranch house in 2010. The ranch is a labor of love and true dedication to building a perfect space for athletes to benefit from.

Marco, an El Paso, TX native, has been living and running at altitude in Durango, CO for the last 12 years. 



Wesley Walker is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of CRR. He believes in the power of running to set oneself free and transform body, mind and spirit. 

Wesley has been around the sport his entire life - coached by his father Sam Walker and growing up in El Paso, TX - Wesley learned first-hand from great distance runners Suleiman Nyambui, Michael Musyoki, Alan Culpepper and many others. In high school, Wesley was a two-time Texas High School state champion in the mile & 2 mile, recording a 4:10 mile PR before graduating early as a Junior. 

Wesley ran track briefly for Stanford University before being diagnosed with bone cancer which he battled between 2007-2009. He is successfully cancer free now and leads a film production company in northern California that has done commercial work for Nike, Google, Tesla, SanDisk, Monster and more. 

Wes CRR .jpg


Elliot Luscombe heads strategy for CRR. He brings deep experience from the education sector where he consults on strategic talent solutions for government institutions and nonprofit organizations.

Elliot is a lifelong runner (he won his first 400m race at field day in kindergarten) and former track and field athlete. In high school he was nationally ranked in the 300m and won the 400m championship in New York State in 2005. He was a member of Stanford's track and field team from 2005 - 2007 where he ran the 400m and 800m. He currently lives in Philadelphia where he is training for his first marathon. 

Sean Meissner

Sean Meissner is a CRR Mountain Running Guide, running coach of all distances, and professional ultra-marathoner currently sponsored by Montrail, Nuun, Trail Butter, and Clif Bar. He is the former head coach at and currently coaches for Sharman Ultra Endurance Coaching. He is a CRR Affiliate Coach and lives and trains in Durango, CO.

Sean has 170+ ultra marathon finishes and 75+ marathon finishes, with multiple wins in both, including the Canadian Death Race 125K and Sinister 7 148K, both in Alberta, Canada, as well as back to back wins at the 148 mile Desert RATS Ultra Marathon in Moab, UT.

Sean Meissner


Kathryn Ross is a CRR coach and an accomplished trail and mountain runner living in Durango, CO. She has had top finishes at Kendall Mountain race, Kennebec Mountain race, the Cowboy half marathon, and Transrockies run, a 6-day stage race with partner Jenn Shelton. In addition she has had top three finishes at the Leadville Marathon, the Grand Traverse run, Imogene Pass and the Mt.Sneffles half-marathon.

Prior to trail running, Kathryn spent over 8 years racing triathlons at the junior national and elite levels. She spent four years on the US Junior National team before transitioning to the elite level. Two years were spent training at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs after graduating high school. Kathryn made the decision to step away from the elite triathlon circuit in 2012 to begin school at Fort Lewis College in Durango. There she gained a degree in Exercise Physiology. During her time as a college student, Kathryn coached the Durango High School girls swim team for three seasons and the Durango Club Swim Team for two seasons. Currently, Kathryn works as a rehab technician at Integrated Physical Therapy in Durango. As a rehab tech Kathryn works with patients on exercises to regain strength, fitness and movement after injury or surgery.

In her free time Kathryn continues to train and race in the sport of trail and mountain running. She recently completed her first 50-mile race in December at the North Face Endurance Challenge in San Francisco.

Christian Gering

Christian Gering is a CRR coach, post-collegiate runner and rising ultra-marathon competitor. Christian previously competed for and graduated from Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO.  

Christian, an excellent cross-country runner (8k XC PR - 24:13), has successfully transitioned to ultra-marathons, with wins at the Grand Canyon Ultra 50k, the Monument Valley 50k, Moab's Red Hot 50+ and the Bandera 50k. He recently finished 4th in the Speed Goat 50k this past July.

Christian enjoys spending his time covering hundreds of miles at Durango's various altitudes in the Weminuche wilderness above Durango, CO.

Christian Gering


Neveen Mahmoud is a solutions engineer who leads business development for the the Colorado Running Ranch. She is a book nerd, Philadelphia native, and lacrosse-player-turned-runner who is on a mission to expand the value of sport to athletes everywhere. 

Neveen studied the intersections of psychology and society at Stanford, during which time she played four years of midfield for the Stanford Women’s Club Lacrosse Team and developed a passion for building innovative models of social impact. Following graduation, she ran a Silicon Valley entrepreneurship-ed nonprofit, coached the same Stanford Women’s Club Lacrosse Team to their first appearance at Nationals, and joined the founding team of Young Vets, a social impact startup that provides youth athletes with training opportunities of enduring personal and professional benefit.

Neveen believes that sport presents an unprecedented, and too often unharnessed, opportunity to learn about the necessity of failure, resilience, and patience in any course of personal advancement.  She is geeked to apply her experience in operations and partnerships to furthering the Colorado Running Ranch’s ability to transform athletes into more capable and growth-minded versions of themselves.


Lacy Archer is a CRR coach. Cool crisp alpine air, stunning far reaching vistas and icy mountain creeks provide the inspiration for Lacy Archer to run. Although born and raised in Oklahoma, this girl's place is undoubtedly in the mountains where she lives and trains in, what is to her, her own personal natural sanctuary. 

Lacy is an experienced trail runner with a successful resume spanning the full spectrum of disciplines, from steep and rugged 10k's to the European Trans-Alpine stage race and most recently the Javelina 100. However, competitive running is merely a byproduct of Lacy's passion for the trail.

Running for Lacy is a meditative practice fostering a deep connection between body and nature because, at its roots, moving freely in our habitat is a raw and essential element of the human experience. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can come?

The Colorado Running Ranch is open to runners of all distances. We specifically cater to trail runners and ultramarathoners but have also provided a training base for a wide range of runners from H.S. XC teams thru to 10,000 meter pro specialists.


For all CRR Trail Running Camp info and registrations click here.

How much do CRR’s programs cost?

Pricing differs per camp, depending on the specifics of your requested training program:

$ - Accommodations only - Use of Ranch facilities to host your own camp

$$ - Accommodations + Guided Mountain Access - CRR Affiliate Coaches guide your group on daily trail runs + provide snacks and hydration for team members

$$$ - All of the Above + CRR catered meals for your entire stay - CRR partners with several chefs in Durango to prepare custom meals for your team's requirements

***Special Requests are always welcome*** -  some include: mule service, point to point pick-ups and guided trips across the San Juan Mountains. No request is too wild. Feel free to ask!

How do I get there?

Durango’s airport (DRO) is a 35-minute drive from CRR, with multiple daily flights from Denver and Phoenix International airports. DRO provides rental car access to Alamo, Avis, Enterprise, Hertz and National. All rental companies rent Economy models up to 15 passenger vans. CRR offers suitable parking space for team vans and cars if you choose to drive. 


Physiological studies on endurance running and altitude training suggest a 28 day acclimatization period for significant endurance boosts, as well as support for the "live high, train low" approach to altitude training. CRR is located at 8,000' elevation, the sweet spot for a living area while altitude training. Access to 5,000' elevation for high intensity workouts is less than 1 hour away. To learn more about maximization of running performance through altitude training, click here.

Does CRR provide trail guides on trail runs?

Yes. You will be accompanied by a CRR running guide with deep knowledge of the area’s trails on all runs if you select that service as part of your reservation package. 

How far in advance should I book?

At least one (1) calendar month in advance is highly recommended and appreciated. We will work to make camps possible for you on even shorter planning timelines, but it is ideal to contact CRR as soon as possible once you have your program in mind. This way we can best accommodate your preferred dates and team needs.

What is the minimum group size? 

The minimum group size for a CRR camp is 6. Maximum is 16, including coaches. CRR owns the adjacent property to the main ranch home and can handle teams of up to 26 if split between the two houses. Please inquire directly if interested in this option.


For reservations or any questions please fill out the form below.

We will be in touch shortly. Thank you!

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Preferred Arrival Date
Please select the dates you are interested in attending. CRR offers programs up to 4 weeks in length. If your group requires a longer stay please email directly.
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Preferred Departure Date
Please let us know if you have any questions. We're happy to answer any you may have and look forward to being in touch.